European Union calls for Armenian NPP closure

Publish date: May 6, 2004

The European Union could allocate 100m euro to shut down Armenian nuclear power plant and establish alternative sources of energy after the concrete date of the plant’s closure is established.

The chief of the delegation of EU in Armenia and Georgia Mr. Torben Kholtse made this statement, Novosti reported. However, the Armenian administration believes the nuclear plant should operate until the alternative energy sources of the appropriate capacity are at place.

The Armenian minister of finance and economics Vardan Khachatryan told journalists that the country works on establishing alternative energy sources in case the nuclear plant is closed. It is required about 1 billion euro to complete the works. The international donor organisations and other countries could allocate the money. The minister believes the gas pipeline from Iran to Armenia could become an alternative source of energy for Armenia. The construction of the pipeline should be launched already this year.

The Armenian nuclear plant operates one Soviet-design reactor VVER-440 and generates from 30 to 40 percent of all energy in Armenia.