Russia to postpone nuclear fuel transports to Bushehr NPP

Publish date: April 30, 2007

As reported earlier, Iran had resumed financing of the new atomic power plant in Bushehr, being constructed by Russian experts. However, this first payment covers only half of the monthly expenditures of $25m. Russia now considers postponing nuclear-fuel transports to Bushehr.

Director of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Energy Alexander Andrianov said that, if Iran does not fulfill its financial obligations, Russia will consider postponing the launch of the Bushehr nuclear power plant and with it the nuclear-fuel transports to Iran, reported the news agency Regnum.

According to Andrianov, it is a common rule to deliver nuclear fuel to a new NPP at least six months before the plant is officially launched. “This is a common rule for both foreign and Russian nuclear sites. Also at the Beloyarsk NPP this rule will be adhered to,” he said.