Russian academician suggests to resume economic activities in Chernobyl

Publish date: December 3, 2004

Russian academician Evgeny Velikhov believes the Chernobyl restricted zone can be gradually included into the Ukrainian economy.

The president of the Kurchatov Research Institute Evgeny Velikhov stated this opinion to ITAR-TASS new agency. “We developed and handed over to the Ukrainian government the economical scheme of the Chernobyl restricted zone usage” he said. The academician claims the Kurchatov Research Institute specialists who have been working with the destroyed reactor since 1996 confirm the possibility of the economic activity in Chernobyl. He added that about one thousand volunteers from Kurchatov Research Institute work in Chernobyl every year. Velikhov suggested building a gas-turbine station, a construction plant for soil decontamination facilities, and decommissioning plant for vehicles. Velikhov said the scientific research works should be continued in Chernobyl and the destroyed reactor should receive a new containment. Velikhov believes the money allocated by the European Bank and the European Union could help to resume economic activity to Chernobyl.