Kursk lifting operation goes on

Publish date: August 6, 2001

Written by: Sergey Filippov

The works on the submarine’s hull continue. Relatives of the Kursk crew are arriving at Vidayevo

According to the Northern Fleet press secretary on August 2nd, a Dutch boat delivered containers with abrasive, helium and oxygen for drilling, as well as vacuum anchors to stabilise cutting equipment on the first compartment. This equipment should be installed by August 8th. By noon on August 3rd, the work on compartment 5 were completed, two technological holes were made. The work on the outer hull of compartment 7, proceeds. In addition the marking of compartment 4 has been made, and devices for circle drilling have been installed.

A total of 5 holes have been drilled on the submarine’s hull: 2 – on the inner hull of compartment 5; 1 – on the inner hull of compartment 7; 2 – on the inner hull of compartment 8.

Relatives arriving
Relatives of the Kursk crew members are arriving at the home base of Kursk, Vidayevo settlement in Murmansk region. All relatives are expected to arrive August 12th. The relatives will stay in the hotel Uritsa and on the navy hospital ship Svir. The Northern Fleet officers will meet the relatives at the Murmansk airport and railway station. The local psychotherapists are stand-by. Last year the situation was tense and this year it is expected to be similar, thus it’s likely that some of the relatives will need help.