Kursk causes crisis, requires impact study

Publish date: July 16, 2001

Written by: Igor Kudrik

Norway is to gather a crisis committee to evaluate Kursk risks, while a Russian NGO requests officials to present environmental impact study for the lifting operation.

The Norwegian governmental Crisis Committee for Nuclear Accidents will hold meeting on the Kursk lifting operation on July 17th. A Russian NGO, Ecojuris, filed a request to the Russian cabinet and responsible federal agencies asking them whether environmental impact study was conducted of the plan to raise the Kursk.

Norway’s crisis committee to evaluate Kursk risks

The Crisis Committee for Nuclear Accidents is represented by Norwegian central authorities and local officials from the areas potentially vulnerable for nuclear accidents. The Committee is led by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA), which also functions as a secretariat. The Committee is due to meet July 17th to reportedly evaluate the possible emergency scenarios during the Kursk lifting operation. The Committee will also conclude what measures should be taken if any, if an accident occurs during the operation.

The NRPA was earlier denied access by the Russian authorities to the place of the Kursk accident to monitor the situation during the lifting operation.

Russian NGO asks for environmental impact study

Ecojuris, Russian NGO that specialises in legal back up for fighting against the polluters, sent a letter to the Russian federal authorities, including the Cabinet, the Ministry for Nuclear Energy and the Defence Ministry. The NGO requests whether environmental impact study was carried out for the Kursk lifting operation, as it is required by art. 11 of the federal law On Environmental Expertise. No answer has been given to the NGO so far.