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Despite a portfolio of orders estimated at over $100 billion Rosatom claimed it had at the end of 2014, actual construction work on the company’s new reactor projects is effectively only proceeding in China and Belarus (and the Indian Kudankulam-2 was just recently finished, according to the Russian media). Domestically, the state corporation last year promised to launch three new reactors, but only one saw the light of day: a new unit at Rostov NPP, in the south of European Russia. Overall, all Rosatom projects where any work at all is being done are affected by serious delays, which increases costs significantly. According to recently made official statements, the NPP project in Belarus is also expected to be completed at a later date than was initially planned. Above: a crane being mounted at the construction site of the Belarusian NPP in Ostrovets, Belarus, 2014. (Photo: Belarusian NPP's page on