European Commission warns of radiation leak at Krsko nuclear power plant in Slovenia

Publish date: June 4, 2008

The European Commission has issued a warning for all 27 nations of the European Union about possible radiation dangers after an incident at the Krsko nuclear power plant in Slovenia

On Wednesday, the Slovenian nuclear power plant reported the beginning of a shut down of a reactor and a reduction in its power due to problems with its cooling system.

“There was a leak of cooling liquid from the primary cooling system of the Krsko Nuclear Power Plan,” the European Commission statement read.

The plant is taking safety measures. So far no contamination of the surrounding environment or of any of the plant workers has been observed, said the release.

The Krsko Nuclear Power Plant is located some 100 kilometres to the east of Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. The plant was built in the late 1980s and is co-owned by Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia.