$30 billion spent on alternative energy development

Publish date: November 25, 2005

According to the Worldwatch organization, the total world investment in renewable energy development was $30 billion dollars for 2004.

The Worldwatch report “Renewable energy 2005” states that “green energy” installations produce 160 GW of electricity, which equals 4 percent of total world energy production”.

According to the organization’s experts, the quantity of alternative energy projects has rapidly increased in recent years. At least 48 countries (including 14 developing countries) have some kind of federal programme for renewable energy systems development. The majority of such countries expect green energy to supply about 30 percent of energy by 2012, Gazeta reported.

China is becoming one of the leading countries in clean energy development, following experience of Germany, the United States, Spain and Japan. China plans to increase clean energy production on 10 percent by 2012.