Oil well drilled at Medynskoe field

Publish date: December 12, 2005

The company Arktivshelfneftegaz has drilled well number 4 at the Medynskoe field in the Barents Sea.

In 2006, the company will complete all exploration works at the field, which is located in the eastern part of the Barents Sea. Arktivshelfneftegaz believes the field will be ready for production in 2011. Water depths in the area of the field are only 10-19 meters, the BarentsObserver reported.

Between 2002-2005, Arktivshelfneftegaz invested $50 million in exploration operations in the Barents Sea. Geologists believe the company now has found as much as 300 million tonnes of oil resources there.

The company owns licenses to the development of three fields in the area, the Medynsko-Varandeyskoe, the Pomorskoye and the Kolokolmorskoye.