Statoil looks towards east

Publish date: February 6, 2006

According to senior vice president in Statoil Henrik Carlsen, his company will make new efforts to find hydrocarbons in the eastern part of the Norwegian Finnmark County.

The Norwegian oil major is convinced that the areas bordering the disputed Norwegian-zone will be vital for Norway in the years to come, BarentsObserver reported. “Russia has shown significant interest in this area, and Norway will have to step up activities on the Norwegian side” Carlsen mentioned.

Today, the Statoil representative called on the engagement of different international companies in the Barents Sea. He stressed that the companies will have to cooperate closely about land facilities and pipelines in order to get the best solutions. He also stressed that predictability now is vital for the Norwegian companies engaging in the area. Norway has announced a 19th license round and Norwegian authorities are expected to start offering the first blocks already this spring.

According to Carlsen, Statoil looks towards the Russian side of the Barents Sea, and not only to Shtokman, but also to other hydrocarbon fields. The companies is also interested in offering LNG technology to the Russian side. A planned LNG plant in Vidyaevo is quite similar to the Snøhvit field in the Barents Sea, but only 3 times bigger.

Henrik Carlsen stressed Statoil’s environmental responsibility, but at the same time admits that the oil spill preparedness mechanisms in the area at present are not good enough. He also said that the operations with the rig “Eirik Raude” were followed by too many spills of chemicals, while the operations with the rig “Polar Pioneer” were conducted environmentally successful.