Gazprom eyes navy gas-liquefying plant proposal

Publish date: April 14, 2005

Russia’s state-own natural gas giant Gazprom is considering a site for building a gas-liquefying plant on the Kola Peninsula, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian Navy has submitted site specifications for building the gas liquefying plant on the Northwest Russian region to Gazprom for its consideration. The gas will be pumped from the Shtokman field in the Barents Sea, Igor Mescherin, head of the Gazprom board for system analysis and project examination, told reporters in Murmansk, said the agency.

“Except the Kola sites we have an interesting proposal from the Navy to locate the plant in the military settlement Vidyaevo”, Mescherin told reporters. Vidyaevo is the former home port of the Kursk submarine that sank during military exercises in 2001.

Mescherin specified earlier that Gazprom was offered sites near the settlements of Liinahamari and Tebireka, near the Norwegian border. Other potential sites could be near St.Petersburg—or directly on the Shtokman field itself.

“We would like to take a final decision on the plant location together with the potential foreign partners,” Mescherin said. He noted that the competition for developing the Shtokman field is currently in its most active phase.

According to Mescherin, the prospective capacity of the gas-liquefying plant could reach four to five million tonnes annually, which is in line with standard liquefied gas production.