TC Mongstad tests amine solvent MEA

Mongstad Credit: Statoil

MEA is usually used in post combustion CO2 capture studies looking at the performance of proprietarily-developed amines versus other processes for removing CO2. These tests are to measure and evaluate several key parameters, such as energy consumption and emissions and degradation.

The amine test facility has been operated by Aker Solutions since 2012. MEA is used as a baseline solvent, which is commonly used in post-combustion CO2 capture studies to compare the performance of proprietarily-developed amines and other CO2 removal processes. MEA has also been used for several decades, especially for production of industrial purpose CO2 in process industry.

The test results are to be openly shared with the global CCS community in order to accelerate the roll out of the much needed CCS technology.

Olav Falk-Pedersen, Business Development Manager at CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad, commented, “So by thoroughly testing the MEA solvent system in the amine plant, and openly sharing that information, we stand to help technologists around the world maximise the performance of their technologies and advance the CCS industry on a major scale.”

The tests will run till March, at which point the findings will be published.