The Norwegian company Aker Clean Carbon awarded contract from ENEL for the Porto Tolle CCS project

The Porto Tolle site is one of the projects selected by the European Commission to be financed under the European Economic Plan for Recovery (EEPR). The project consists in the CO2 extraction (about 1 million tonnes/year) and compression, and its transport via pipeline to a saline aquifer beneath the Adriatic Sea where it will be stored. One of the four oil fired power generation units of the Porto Tolle site, Unit 4, will be partially dismantled to provide space for a CO2 Capture Unit to be associated with Unit 3.

The CO2 capture unit shall be in operation for an extended period of time in order to fully demonstrate the technology on an industrial scale and provide a commercial solution for new installations after 2020.


Aker Clean Carbon is currently working on the construction of the advanced amine plant at Technology Centre Mongstad (to be completed in 2011) and is furthermore engaged in several other large-scale capture plants and projects for gas and coal-fired power stations. Its selection for the Italian project is a testimony to the competitiveness of the solutions the company provides in the fast-growing market for CO2 capture and storage (CCS.)

“We are proud to have got the owners of ACC, interested in CCS 15 years ago and we are delighted to see that this is now bearing fruits,” says Eivind Hoff from Bellona Europa.

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