Deputy Director of nuclear icebreakers’ service base Atomflot in Murmansk under arrest

Publish date: August 28, 2003

The local police and FSB offices do not give any official comments on the case, local Courier Nord-West reports.

According to some sources, a big quantity of fire-arms was found at the flat of the Atomflot Deputy Director Alexander Tylyakov. A substance of unknown origin, which might be radioactive, was also discovered at his place. The arrestee is being kept in custody and will face charges in the next few days. Director of Atomflot Alexander Sinyayev claims his Deputy’s arrest has no connection with the professional activity of the latter. Atomflot is the service base for the Russian nuclear icebreakers and is located two kilometres from the northern border of city Murmansk. Bellona Web is investigating this story and will come with an update later.