Radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel

Shabbily stored tons of radioactive waste threaten Siberian mining town

Russia is storing more than 16 tons of radioactive waste in Siberia’s Zabaikalsky Region in the Far East, causing a local town to go on heightened alert thanks to mounting open-air radiological hazards, Russian media reported. Radioactive waste produced by the Transbaikal Mining and Enrichment Combine – or ZabGOK in its Russian acronym – is […]

Russian impounds samples from sunken Soviet-era sub en route to Norway

Russian customs has for the last 10 months held in impound samples from a sunken nuclear submarine that Russian scientists sent to their Norwegian counterparts to confirm whether the wreck poses any radiological hazards, Norwegian media have reported. The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA), which has participated in several joint missions with Russian authorities to […]

Russia to open first repository for extremely hazardous radioactive waste, but experts have doubts

Russia’s first point for long terms storage of “special” radioactive waste is to be built at the site of the EI-2 uranium graphite reactor production in Northern Siberia’s closed nuclear city of Seversk by the end of December, Russian news sources reported. The repository will rely on exclusively natural barriers between the environment and some […]

More of Russia’s Lepse-style nuclear service ships headed for radioactive bone yards

Dismantlement works on floating nuclear hazards in Russia’s Far East have begun as promised by a new plan announced in June by Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom, RosRAO reported today. Kiriyenko said that the 16 remaining decommissioned nuclear service ships in the Northern and Pacific fleets would be brought into dry […]