Energy Efficiency

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Private: Smart City

Smart City is a project in which cities with an ambition to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, cooperates with Bellona and Siemens to develop a plan for raising public awareness and analyzing the potential for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. So far, Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo are the smart cities of Norway.

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Keith Whiriskey

Private: Keith Whiriskey

  • Deputy Director
  • +32 (0) 476 661 983

Keith Whiriskey has contributed to the Bellona foundation as a industry and technology specialist since 2011, where his fields of responsibility include industrial and energy decarbonisation policy along with lead authoring of Bellona publications. Keith holds an MSc in Carbon Capture and Storage from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc in Geology from the National University of Ireland. In 2018, Keith assumed the role of Deputy Director of Bellona Europa.