The Nuclear Industry in Ukraine – An overview

The Nuclear Industry in Ukraine – English version

This report is the result of an endeavor to make a comprehensive overview of the current state of the Ukrainian nuclear industry. The Ukrainian government has declared that nuclear power will continue to be an important part of the country’s energy mix in the near future.

Bellona has relied on the aid of Ukrainian experts to make this report, giving the document an increased value through our partners’ extensive knowledge of their respective parts of the nuclear industry. The report also includes an introduction and a conclusion by Bellona.

Bellona’s conclusions and recommendations touches upon operational safety, decommissioning issues and handling of radioactive waste. One of the main challenges is how and when to move away from nuclear energy, as it is doubtful whether it is economically viable to exchange the current reactor units that are approaching the end of their life-time with new reactors to cover Ukraine’s energy needs.

Ukraine has several challenges ahead of it concerning the nuclear industry, and Bellona hopes to aid in solving these issues over the coming years.

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UkranianNuclear front english Open report: Ukranian Nuclear industry - ENGLISH version


UkranianNuclear front ukranian Open report: Ukranian Nuclear industry - UKRANIAN version


Authors: Bellona et. al
Publisher: Bellona Foundation