Climate Solutions for Industry

With the “Climate Solutions for Industry” project, we aim to identify, compare and evaluate potential solutions to accelerate industrial decarbonisation. Our intention was not only to provide a list of solutions available, but to assess whether these solutions are truly compatible with the EU climate goals. Our aim is to present an honest account of the climate impact of the  technologies at our disposal.

To assess their emission reductions, the report uses three qualitative screening criteria to assess the technology’s:

  •  contribution to climate change mitigation,
  • resource efficiency and
  • deployment readiness

With this simplified and 10-point scale methodology, we want to illustrate the realistic potential and the current readiness level for each solution to make sure we start building the right framework to reach carbon neutrality.

In total, we analysed 15 solutions, dividing them into 5 main building blocks. In addition to creating a standardised database, we added an overview of relevant projects currently being developed in various European countries. With a comprehensive overview of both the technologies on the table and existing project, options could be picked from the shelf, tailored to a specific context and added to the climate plans of EU member states.

Currently 4 different solutions are being analysed, constituting the building blocks on Hydrogen.

You can find the interactive version of our newly launched project website:

Climate solutions web

The pdf sections can be dowloadable from the Climate Solutions for Industry website as well as here: