An Industry’s Guide to Climate Action

Did you know that European industry emissions are already larger than total coal power emissions in the EU? Did you also know that one in five jobs in Europe is in industry (50 million in total), which generates almost a quarter of Europe’s GDP? This means that 20% of Europe’s workforce and the basis of our welfare depend on a successful transition to a low-carbon economy.
As other sectors modernise and decarbonise, industry will increasingly be exposed to demands for steep and rapid emission cuts. While there are many options that appear to address the issue of industrial emissions, only few have the potential to reduce emissions and even fewer can do so at scale.

None are silver bullets. One certainty is that EU industry, unions and political leaders need to provide the basic climate infrastructure today that enables the low-carbon future and safeguards the jobs of tomorrow.

Read more about options for climate solutions in energy intensive industries in our latest report.

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