Zero-Emissions Construction Sites

Construction is a key industrial sector, yet climate change and air pollution are critical threats to be addressed, with severe warnings from scientists. The construction industry, therefore, needs to evolve and contribute towards the shift to a sustainable society. Conventional methods currently contribute to both climate and air pollution. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Innovative zero-emission technologies are being developed for all sectors, including the construction sector. While it might have been unthinkable to assume that anything bigger than a car would be electrified a decade ago, technological development has defied expectations and brought solutions to a sector in desperate need of innovation. Electric construction machinery, powered by batteries or fuel cells, offer substantial benefits to the climate and human health, amongst a range of other benefits.


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Construction sites and low emission zones: the missing piece of the puzzle 

Air pollution kills almost half a million people per year in Europe, making it a critical issue for cities to act upon. Low- and zero-emission zones are being increasingly implemented in cities across Europe to reduce air pollution and its associated health risks. One important source of pollution in urban areas are construction sites. Electrifying construction sites will address pollution and drastically increase the well-being of construction workers and city dwellers. 
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Make construction sites silent: electrification as part of the solution

15 million workers in Europe are exposed to high levels of noise daily on construction sites. These result both in hearing loss and a high risk of accidents. Electric machinery can drastically reduce noise on construction sites by eliminating noise from internal combustion engines and generators. This allows for better comfort of workers, reduced health risks and the possibility to work longer hours for companies. 

Database: Emission-free Construction Equipment (by manufacturer)