CCS Campaign #CCS4NetZeroIndustry

This campaign builds upon Bellona’s ongoing efforts to promote a modern, clean, secure, and intelligent CCS infrastructure in Europe. Our previous TEN-E and TEN-T campaigns, conducted in partnership with the Clean Air Task Force, have played a crucial role in increasing awareness about CCS and highlighting the significance of a harmonised legal framework across the entire CCS value chain. These initiatives align with the European Green Deal’s objective of achieving climate neutrality.

What can you anticipate? The CCS campaign serves as a platform for Bellona and key stakeholders to disseminate information and enhance awareness. We will feature interviews with specialists in carbon capture and storage, provide easily digestible explainers, share engaging infographics, publish insightful articles, and organise events and workshops for policymakers, industry leaders, and environmental groups. Stay updated with this campaign to explore the potential of CCS and its contribution to meeting the EU’s emissions reduction targets.



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Latest News

Carbon Capture and Storage Ladder: Assessing the Climate Value of CCS Applications in Europe

Together with E3G and independent co-authors, our colleagues from Bellona Deutschland have published a “CCS Ladder” for Europe, inspired by the ladder for clean hydrogen by Liebreich Associates. With this work, we hope to initiate a more nuanced discussion about the climate benefits of various CCS applications while advocating that public support – ranging from infrastructure planning to policy frameworks or financial assistance – should be focused on applications with the greatest climate benefits. This work aims to support ongoing discussions on carbon management strategies at various levels, including the CMS in Germany and the EU’s Net-Zero Industry Act. 

Germany’s path to climate neutrality: The role of Carbon Capture and Storage

Germany, as the largest industrialised country in the European Union, faces a significant challenge in transforming its industries, infrastructure, and other sectors towards climate neutrality. This Blogpost is written by Bellona Deutschland’s very own Arne Müller (Project Manager, CCS Forum) at Bellona’s offices in Berlin. In light of what has proven to be a challenging debate on CCS’ role in Germany’s efforts to reach set climate targets, Arne has taken the time to write a comprehensive update on the situation in Germany, and the role of CCS foreseen in decarbonising its industry.  

Accelerating the CCS momentum in the ARRRA-cluster

There is no doubt that this year will be crucial for the development of CO2 transport and storage infrastructure in the industrial cluster spanning the Netherlands, Belgium, and North Rhine-Westphalia. Bellona’s very own Climate Policy Manager responsible for the region, Ariane Giraneza, took the time as part of Bellona’s ongoing CCS Campaign #CCS4NetZeroIndustry to outline recent updates, challenges and opportunities for the ARRRA-cluster for the months ahead.  

Carbon Capture And Storage: A Crucial Piece Of The Puzzle In Industry’s Path To Net-Zero

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) comprises a range of technologies designed to seize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at their origin, transport them to designated storage locations, and securely store them beneath the surface. This approach plays a crucial role in addressing climate change by curbing emissions within energy-intensive sectors, effectively halting the release of CO2 into the atmosphere and averting additional global warming.

Bellona Europa Launches Campaign to Inform on CCS´ Role in a Green and Just Transition   

What to expect? The CCS campaign will be a channel through which Bellona and other relevant stakeholders inform and raise awareness via interviews of carbon capture and storage specialists, easy-to-scan explainers, infographics, articles, events and workshops for policymakers, industry leaders and environmental groups, and much more! Stay up to date with this campaign to learn about the potential of CCS and its role in meeting the EU’s emissions reduction targets.

Consultation Responses: Criteria for selecting Projects of Common Interest and Projects of Mutual Interest for European electricity and hydrogen infrastructure 

Thorough consideration of potential environmental impacts is essential to ensure that the deployment of electricity grid and hydrogen infrastructure does in fact achieve the highest emission reductions possible without delaying climate action and hampering nature conservation.  

Swedish Presidency of the EU Council: What this means for climate action 

With European economies severely affected by the war, the green and energy transitions take centre stage, with the ‘Fit for 55’ package setting the framework for climate action. Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson recognises the EU’s climate leadership and declared Sweden’s intention to strengthen this position during the Presidency. 
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Just Transition Platform Conference – The implementation of a comprehensive CO2 infrastructure is a crucial component of the transition

Bellona Europa Director Jonas Helseth was a speaker at the Just Transition Platform Conference, where he addressed the pressing need for proper planning and coordination among various market participants, as well as the need for adequate public and private funding, in order to establish a comprehensive CO2 infrastructure.
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Different situations require different solutions, Multi-modal CO2 transport key on path to net-zero

SINTEF is Scandinavia’s largest independent research organisation, covering a wide range of topics, from nanotechnology to outer space, with 20 years of research on carbon capture and storage. Bellona sat down with Simon Roussanaly, a research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research to talk about his work and views on industrial decarbonisation and CO2 transportation in the EU.

Rail and Ship Transport of CO2 to Storage: Key to Enable Slovenian Industrial Decarbonisation at Salonit Anhavo Cement Plant

The Slovenian cement manufacturer, Salonit Anhavo, is looking to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to reduce emissions further on the path to net-zero by 2050. But barriers to project deployment and market development remain. Significantly: there is a lack of available CO2 storage sites, and a Slovenian ban on storage in the country itself. With storage sites available in nearby locations, Salonit Anhavo is looking at different solutions: including CO2 transport to storage through a combination of different transport modalities. We sat down with Salonit Anhavo Management Board Member Tomaž Vuk, to learn more. Notably, TEN-T Recognition and support could contribute positively to the development of CO2 transport via both ship and railway, which are two of the options considered by Salonit Anhavo.  

To avoid climate disaster, timing is everything: Flexible transportation solutions for CO2 to Storage key to speed up deployment

Carbon Collectors is a Dutch carbon dioxide transport and storage company founded in 2016, focusing on flexible solutions for transportation of CO2 to storage. As part of Bellona Europa’s Campaign #TenTTuesday, we invited Anne-Mette Jørgensen, Carbon Collector’s external affairs manager, for a chat on the role and importance of multiple transportation modalities on the path to net-zero by 2050.  

Blogpost: Public action needed to tackle barriers to entry for Hungarian first movers on CCS      

Bellona Europa’s Hanna Biro, originally from Hungary, recently travelled to her home country to attend a local workshop that gathered national CCS stakeholders. The workshop sought to identify challenges and limitations to CCS deployment in Hungary, as well as ways to overcome them. The workshop was organised in the framework of the CCS4CEE project   that Bellona Europa participates in as an expert partner. The brainstorm that took place during the workshop touched upon questions of national legislative barriers, essential regulatory incentives, the need for national-level coordination, as well as geological capacities.

Shipping CO2 provides flexibility to reach storage sites

For the ongoing campaign of #TenTTuesday, Bellona Europa and Clean Air Task Force (CATF) hosted an event on the 6th of April: Transport of CO2 to Permanent Storage: A Missing Piece in Europe’s Industrial Decarbonisation Plan. The event brought together different actors on the topic,one representative being Kim Bye Bruun, communications and government relations director of Northern Lights. Northern Lights is the world’s first open source CO2 storage project that has the capacity to store 1.5 million tons of CO2 per year. Bruun made time to go through the current state of development and planned future extensions to accommodate bigger ships.

Relevant Publications

Consultation Response – Amended Proposal: Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Revised Guidelines

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