Privacy Policy

About the Privacy Policy Declaration

This Privacy Policy Declaration concerns Bellona Europa aisbl, hereafter known as ‘Bellona Europa’, and explains what information we have about you, how we collect it and how we use it.

This declaration was made in response to the introduction of the EU Regulation GDPR in 2018.

Bellona Europa is concerned with privacy, and hence the individual’s right to control data about themselves, the right to correct data as well as the right to be deleted.

About personal data

Personal data is any information related to a natural person that can be identified directly or indirectly. Examples of such information are name, address, phone, date of birth and various forms of recorded behaviour such as browsing habits.

Information we collect

In order to maintain a relationship with you, we rely on collecting and storing different types of information, including personal data. Below is an overview of how we collect personal data and what type of data this is. We only collect data you provide to us. We do not purchase personal data from others or procure personal data in other ways than through direct contact.

Information you provide to us

When you sign up on our website or by other means for our newsletter, we will need to store your email address and name to serve you in the future. We will always ask for a confirmation to prevent fraudulent sign-ups.

From personal meetings through our professional work, we can store data such as name, position, company, email address and phone number for further encounters. In such cases, we will request individual and personal consent before we send out information.

Information we receive through the use of our services

When you use our website, it records information about which pages you are viewing, your IP address, time and date. These logs are used for possible troubleshooting, and are stored for approximately a month before they are deleted.

We use the Google Analytics service for overview and statistics about the use of our websites. This is done via a program code (script) embedded in all our webpages. This program code sends information to Google Analytics about date, time, page, and IP address. In addition, information about the device used (such as mobile / PC, operating system, and browser version) is recorded. This information is used for aggregated statistics and does not identify individuals.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

We use cookies on our websites. These are not saved from visit to visit, and are exclusively for the management and operation of our websites. We do not use cookies for tracking purposes. We do not use any third party cookies. Apart from Google Analytics, we do not use program codes that send information to third parties.

We can use codes in links on newsletters and other mail. These track which links were clicked and are used for aggregate reporting, but do not identify individuals.

What we use the information for

Personal data is used for the following purposes:

In order to maintain contact with our partners, supporters and members

We use personal information to communicate with you. This may be for bulk mailings or mails based on our member system, or more specific professional contact based on our CRM system.

To measure the impact of our activities

We collect data to produce statistics to measure the impact of some of our activities. This applies to website visitor statistics, opening frequency and links linked to bulk mail. These statistics are aggregated and do not contain personal information.

Sharing of information

We do not share personal data with others, except for our partners (data processors) who need the data in order to provide services to us. Where we provide personal data, we establish individual agreements with the relevant data processors that limit their opportunity to use the information for other purposes.

We will disclose information in individual cases as imposed by law, for example to public authorities if offenses are suspected. Other cases of sharing or disclosure will require the consent of the person concerned.

Access and rectification

You have the right to request access to personal data we have about you in a convenient electronic format. You also have the right to demand that personal data we have about you is correct. If you notice errors in the personal data we have about you, please contact us at .

Deletion of personal data

You have the right to demand deletions of personal data we have about you without traceability, provided we are not required by law to store this data. For inquiries regarding deletion, contact us at

Security of personal data

We use appropriate security measures to protect personal information that is under our control from unauthorized access. Data processors who handle personal data on our behalf, are obliged to do the same. In case of breach of personal data, we are obliged to notify the Data Inspectorate and the persons concerned.

Bulk communications

Before starting to send newsletters and other bulk communication by mail or SMS, we will ask for active consent. For both new and existing contacts, any communication will contain an opt-out link.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

Bellona Europa reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Statement on an ongoing basis. We are obliged to notify you of any significant changes in the declaration.

Right to complain

If you believe we do not safeguard your privacy rights, you have the right to appeal to a supervisory authority, in this case the Data Inspectorate


Processing officer for Bellona Europa’s handling of personal data is Bellona Europa Director Jonas Helseth.
Phone:  +32 494 53 58 21

For questions regarding the privacy statement, please contact us at