Bellona collaborates with the industry in various ways: Through our partnership programme, in our stakeholder foras, and with companies advertising on our website and in our publications and reports. We are proud that the industry sees the value of a professional and viable Bellona as a committed contributor to our society.

Partnership Programme

In 1998 Bellona established a partnership program with the private sector. In close dialogue with industry stakeholders, the aim is to achieve the best possible environmental solutions. Through longstanding work we have gained a high level of expertise and knowledge on how to integrate environmental considerations in an increasing number of enterprises. We work together with our partners to solve challenges related to environmental technology and implement solutions.

Technological solutions to many of the environmental challenges already exist today. Industry players are important drivers for implementing these environmental solutions, but depend on favorable conditions to commercialize and bring solutions to the market.


Our website is an advertising platform where different actors are invited to provide financial support to Bellona’s work for solutions on environment and climate issues. Our advertisers range from small and medium enterprises to big international companies. Our advertisers recognize the value of a strong and viable Bellona, and this support makes us better equipped to address important environmental issues and climate challenges.