What is fish feed made of?

Publish date: January 10, 2009

The fish feed of today consists of several different ingredients. Earlier only marine raw materials where used in the production of fish feed. But a growing aquaculture industry has led to a trend where more and more of resources comes from vegetable raw materials. Now the Norwegian authorities also open for the use of animal ingredients and therefore we will probably see that the proportion of marine resources will be reduced further. The table below shows the composition of the "traditional" fish feed (Waagbø et al., 2001) compared to a feed from 2007 (Skretting, 2008). The use of marine ingredients has been reduced from 68 to 52 percent of the raw materials used in marine origin.


Waagbø et al., 2001

Skretting 2008

Feed ingredient
Feed ingredient
Fish meal 350 Fish meal 300
Fish oil 280 Fish oil 180
Fish ensilage 50 Fish ensilage 40
Corn- and wheat gluten 70 Vegetable protein 250
Soy products 60    
Soybean oil 30 Vegetable oil 110
Wheat 120 Wheat meal 100
Other 40 Other 20