Export value of Norwegian aquaculture

Source: The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries

Publish date: January 12, 2009

Fish is Norways largest export product after oil and gas. The development is mainly that the traditional fisheries have stagnated while the aquaculture industry is in significant growth. The export value of aquaculture is now larger than the value of

bodytextimage_Value-of-farmed-marine-fish-1998-to-2007.jpg Photo: Source: The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries

After many turbulent years for the mussel farming industry exports passed 20 million NOK in 2005. In 2006 the value went down to 15 million and in 2007 it ended just under 19 million NOK. Other species of shellfish farming in Norway is modest both in volume and value. Value for scallops and oysters in 2007 were respectively 165,000 and 454,000 NOK.