ECOview 2005



The aim of this contest is a poll intended to determine those events on the Russian environmental front that proved to be most significant in the life of the country and its people in the past year. Your votes will allow benchmark environmental events of 2004 to win the following nominations:

1. “Victory!” – The most triumphant legal defense in the field of environmental rights.

2. “Behind the shroud of secrecy” – The most indicative and outrageous example of concealing or whitewashing crucial environmental information.

3. “We have contact!” – The most successful dialogue the media, non-governmental organizations and representatives of the public have forged with governmental bodies and authorities.

We welcome your suggestions and opinions on which events of the past year were the most striking, remarkable or important in the sphere of protection of the environmental rights of the Russian citizens.

Please enclose the reasoning behind your choice of the event and its nomination.

Prizes are only a letter away for those of you who will present their choices in the most comprehensive and interesting ways.

Please note that the deadline for your suggestions is March 1, 2006.

Your letters can be sent to these addresses:

For regular mail:

191028 Post Box 58

St. Petersburg, Russia

For e-mailed correspondence: