UK produced the first hydrogen motorcycle in the world

Publish date: March 29, 2005

British engineers presented a pilot model of the first in the world motorcycle operating on hydrogen fuel.

The motorcycle can reach 50 miles per hour in 12 seconds. It does not pollute the environment and it is quiet. The motorcycle, operating on hydrogen fuel cells almost does not produce noise. Engineers say that they are trying to make the motorcycle “roar”, as its noiselessness can be dangerous, “Vash Vybor-Samara” reported. Harry Bradberry – a chief director of Intelligent Energy Company, produced the motorcycle, said: “There were no quiet motorcycles before, so people did not get used to it. We are going to work on light sound modulations, when we decide to produce a range of motorcycles”. It is necessary to refuel hydrogen motorcycle every 100 miles.

Intelligent Energy wants to attract attention of large producers. BMW, Mazda and Toyota are already developing cars operating on hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel cells are considered to be a perspective alternative to internal-combustion engine, although alternative engine costs 15 thousand pounds.