Russian hydrogen power development program may be approved this year

Publish date: March 30, 2005

“The Russian national hydrogen power development program, financed by federal budget and private investors, may be accepted by the end of 2005”, academician Mesyats thinks.

The academician underlined that, according to the experts’ estimations, the need in primary energy will grow 60-70 percent more by 2030. He says that limited amount of hydrocarbon fuel makes countries active in developing alternative and hydrogen energy, ITAR TASS reported.

Mesyats notices, that “efforts of our country are isolated, sometimes they are doubled, and financing is diffused”. For example, three Russian Institutions (Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Federal Agency of Nuclear Energy and Russian Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”) have their corporate programs on hydrogen energy. On the other hand, the Russian Academy of Science and Norilsk Nikel Company signed three-year agreement on fuel cells and hydrogen energy development. Financial investment is 120 million dollars, from this account Norilsk Nikel has already allocated 30 million dollars this year. The expected result of scientists’ co-operation is pilot models of hydrogen power installations.

“Only systematic co-ordination of scientists’ efforts in the frames of the Russian national program, and its targeted financing, will help Russia to achieve good results in hi-tech and low-cost hydrogen energy development”, Mesyats underlined.