Court to open Wednesday

Publish date: November 29, 1999

Written by: Siri Engesæth

The closed trial against Nikitin will open to the public on Wednesday. Today the Court is discussing the application of law in the case.

When the Court was set at 11:15 this morning, Judge Golets seemed in excellent mood and even prosecutor Gutsan was smiling.

In private talks judge Golets has confirmed that tomorrow’s testimonies will be in a closed court, where as Wednesday’s questioning of Bellona researcher Thomas Nilsen will be with open doors. Thomas Nilsen is one of the authors of the report that forms the basis of the case, along with Alexander Nikitin and Igor Kudrik.

Today’s procedures are expected to end at 14:00 and the briefing will take place shortly after in the Ambassador. A summation of the day may be expected at this web site some two and a half hours later.