French presidential candidate: The Nikitin Trial – an important case for all of humanity

PARIS: During Le Convention Liberal in Paris Saturday Alain Madelin(Democratie Liberale) and Brice Lalonde (Generation Ecologie) NilsBoehmer (Bellona Foundation) held a press conference on the Nikitincase. The press conference was well attended, and covered by all themajor French media.

Alain Madelin, said to be the next President of France, said that theNikitin Case was not only important inside Russia, but also an importantcase for all of humanity. He also urged all liberals to go to St.Petersburg and make sure freedom of speech was secured in Russia.

The long-time Nikitin supporter, Brice Lalonde, once again stated theimportance of a just trial for Nikitin. He also announced his plans togo to St. Petersburg next week to monitor the case.