Environmental questions main interest of Judge

Sergei Fillipov answered that he, as a Murmansk citizen, absolutely had the impression that the Bellona report was very important for the international focus on these problems. -The report is important for other experts, and helps in the work to find solutions to the problems, said Fillipov.

The Judge was also very interested in hearing about the environmental work done by Bellona in Murmansk. Judge Golets asked Fillipov if nuclear objects have caused any environmental consequences in Murmansk. -The report mainly describes potential problems, since Murmansk is the place in Russia where there are most nuclear reactors, answered Fillipov. The Judge also asked Fillipov if the Bellona report will help to get international funding for solving the nuclear problems.

After a break, the Court will start again at 13:30 local time (GMT+3) with cross-examination of the third witness. That part of the trail will be closed to public, and will continue up till 15:00 local time (GMT+3).