After the third day: “The FSB should be on trial”

Ashamed Reznyk: "FSB should trade places with Nikitin"
"Aleksandr Nikitin will be acquitted. I do not doubt that, either now or later. But even when he is acquitted, justice will still not be done. The people who have brewed this case must switch place with Nikitin! I will tell you, this is a very serious announcement," said an agitated Reznyk. "My strong feeling today is a feeling of shame. Shame that in my motherland, there is an organisation which is supposed to provide safety to the people, but instead constantly causes damage to the citizens and the reputation of this country."

"FSB must, in my opinion, be grateful to the court that the hearings are closed. If they had been open it would testify to the unusual shame of the organisation which is widely called the security force. The employees of this organisation have not forgotten anything from the past, and the new officers have learned things from the past which they should not have learned," said Reznyk.