Smart Forest Management

Publish date: July 21, 2007

On July 20th specialists on spreading stable and intensive forest management practice held a meeting at the Pskov district administration offices.

A decision to prepare regulations on bringing in stable and intensive forestry management for the entire Pskov district by spring 2008 was made during the meeting; these regulations will also have rendered approval at a federal level. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been conducting research in the Pskov district on rationally and environmentally justified forest management under the project title ‘Pskov Model Forest.’ Experts developed a model for evaluating the forest’s capacity for growing under an unwarranted bucking program on the basis of their many years of research. Results can be received for evaluating the value of Russian forests.

Preserving the country’s forests for the next generations is this work’s main goal. All of the project’s results assist environmentally responsible, socially oriented and economically effective forest management. For more information, please contact the ‘Pskov Model Forest’ project’s press-secretary, Elena Yablochkina, by telephone at +7-812 44-62-93; email:; and