Verdict falls on December 25

Publish date: December 18, 2001

Written by: Jon Gauslaa

Grigory Pasko stated his last words to the Pacific Fleet Court today. The Court's verdict will be announced on December 25.

It was an emotional moment in the Pacific Fleet courthouse today, when Grigory Pasko stated his last words to the Court.

The total lie
In a four-minute speech Pasko gave his thoughts on how the case against him could start. – One of the reasons is the lie that exists in all spheres of our state, he said. Most issues have double standards, and this total lie goes through all state structures. Our security services do not deal will issues that is related to the real security of the state. In stead they spend their efforts on chasing imaginary spies.

– Such a state does not need honest and critical journalists. It needs pleasers and scoundrels, and not only among journalists, but also among the employees of the state like investigators, prosecutors and judges, Pasko continued.

He also made it clear that he had acted within the limits of the law, and appealed the Court to base its ruling on the law and common sense. – There is an absolute absence of proofs against me, he said.

Verdict to fall on December 25
The Court was then adjourned, after having stated that its verdict will be pronounced on December 25.

Grigory Pasko was arrested on November 20, 1997 and charged with espionage on behalf of the Japanese TV-channel NHK. He was acquitted in July 1999, but convicted of ‘abuse of official authority’ and freed under an amnesty. Seeking a full acquittal, Pasko appealed, but so did the prosecution, insisting he was a spy. On November 21, 2000 the Supreme Court sent the case back for a re-trial at the Pacific Fleet Court. The re-trial started on July 11, 2001.