Power industry to develop by means of sun, hydrogen and garbage

Publish date: March 22, 2005

Solar energy is the most perspective direction in the world power industry development, Zhores Alferov says.

“Solar energy is renewable, inconsumable, and can be a rich energy source for millenniums. High cost of solar energy is its main problem. Its cost is several times higher than nuclear energy”, – Alferov said. Filipp Rutberg, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences says: “It will require 20–40 years to produce 70% of the world energy by means of renewable sources”, “Interfax” reported.

Power generation by means of organic garbage processing is another perspective direction. Leading experts consider, that garbage processing will provide up to 20% of energy in Europe in 15 years. “Now one European produces about two kilograms of garbage and one American – more than three kilograms of garbage daily”, said Ruttberg. Alferov thinks that “one of the nearest perspectives is hydrogen energy”. One of the largest Russian companies finances scientific researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Nobel Laureate in Physics mentioned.