Nuclear cruiser Admiral Nakhimov included in State Arms Program

Publish date: May 26, 2006

This should guarantee the needed overhaul.

The repairs should take 3-4 years. The spent nuclear fuel unloading could be started a few years ago, but the due to the financial problems it has not happened and this stops all the works. The workers can only dismantle the equipment and send it to the manufacturers for repairs.

The interim overhaul includes the new computerised equipment, which should be installed instead of the old radio-electronic equipment. Besides, the Granit (Shipwwreck) missile system will be changed for a newer system. The new system is ready for installation at the Russian Oskar-II nuclear submarines, the same will be installed at the cruiser, which is expecting nuclear fuel reloading at the Sevmash plant now.

The Russian Heavy Missile Cruise Ship, Project 1144.2 Kirov Class was built by the Baltic Shipyard in Saint Petersburg. The Kirov Class provides the capability to engage large surface ships and to defend the fleet against air and submarine attack. Four cruisers were built but only Admiral Nakhimov (commissioned in 1988) and Pyotr Velikhiy (commissioned in 1995) remain active.