Spent nuclear fuel to be unloaded from two retired submarines in Severodvinsk

The plant’s chief engineer Oleg Frolov said to Interfax that the Rosatom Commission issued permission to unload spent nuclear fuel from retired Victor-III nuclear submarine (K-502), order 641, project 671 RTM. Canada sponsors the dismantlement of this submarine. K-502 entered active service December 31, 1980.

The preparation for the same operation is under way on Typhoon nuclear submarine (TK-12), project 941, order 713. The USA in the frames of CTR program sponsors the dismantlement of this submarine. Unloading is scheduled for December. In 2006, the submarine will be placed in the dry dock for further dismantlement. Then the empty reactor compartment will be shipped for storage to the Sayda bay on the Kola Peninsula. TK-12 was in active service from 1984 till 1996.