UK and Norway to sponsor dismantling of two more nuclear subs

. Great Britain allocated 4.3 million euro for the project, which will be carried out in the frames of the G-8 program on global partnership, signed in 2002. UK pledged total about $750m for this program. Besides, a similar contract with Norway is expected to be signed on May 11-12 in Murmansk. The preliminary agreement stipulates 4.7 million euro, Interfax reported.

Total 26 second-generation submarines of 671RTM project (Victor-III) were built from 1964 to 1974. 16 of them were based in the Northern Fleet. Today eight Victor-III submarines are taken our of service.

At the moment service ship Imandra assigned to the Murmansk Shipping Company arrived at the Nerpa shipyard to unload spent nuclear fuel from the nuclear submarine project 671RTM (Victor-III), factory no.297. Norway finances its dismantlement.