UK allocates £16m for onshore storage facility for spent nuclear fuel

Publish date: May 31, 2005

Great Britain will allocate £16m for the construction of the spent nuclear fuel long-term storage facility at the Atomflot base in Murmansk, British Embassy Naval Attache Jonathan Holloway said to Interfax in April.

The Russian-British project will be presented by the British company Crown Agents and the Murmansk Shipping Company and Atomflot Federal Company. At the moment, the £4.6m contract for all construction works is signed at the Atomflot. Earlier a £2.6m contract was signed for non-standard equipment delivery. According to the project, the facility should be ready in April 2006.

The Atomflot officials also said to Interfax about ongoing negotiations regarding UK financial participation in construction of 50 containers TUK-120 for spent nuclear fuel storage and shipment. They said the state commission would never accept the facility if containers for spent nuclear fuel were not ready.

The onshore storage facility will be used for the spent nuclear fuel stored currently onboard service ship Lotta. Then Lotta will get place for 14 additional reactor zones from the laid up submarines.