Multipurpose Akula-class nuclear submarine under repairs in Severodvinsk

Publish date: May 30, 2005

Akula-class nuclear submarine K-317 ”Panther” was placed in the dock of Sevmash plant in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, Sevmash’s press-secretry Mikhail Starozhilov said to ITAR-TASS.

He added that it was not clear what kind of repairs would be done on the submarine as the Russian navy officials were not clear about the financing. K-317 had spent several years in the harbour near the plant due to the navy financial difficulties.

Nuclear submarine K-317 “Panther” project 971, Akula class, entered active service in December 1990 and was based at Gadzhievo base. The “beast” division of the Northern fleet consists of six Akula-class submarines: Snow Leiopard Bars , Panther Pantera, Wolf Volk, Leopard, Tiger Tigr, Boar Vepr. Seven submarines of this class are also based at the Pasific Fleet. The Project 971 attack submarine multi-purpose submarine is capable of strikes against groups of hostile ships and against coastal installations. Some 110 meters long, the Akula is double-hulled with considerable distance between the outer and inner hulls to reduce the possible damage to the inner hull. The hull is constructed of low magnetic steel, and divided into eight compartments, and features a distinctive high aft fin. The Project 971, using a steel hull, was initiated in 1976 when it became evident that existing industrial infrastructure was inadequate to mass produce the expensive titanium hulls of the Project 945 Sierra class. The main machinery consists of a VM-5 pressure water reactor rated at 190MW with a GT3A turbine developing 35MW The propulsion system provides a maximum submerged speed of 33 knots and a surface speed of 10 knots. The submarine is rated for a diving depth to 600m.