Two last Oscar-I Russian nuclear subs have been scrapped

Publish date: February 4, 2005

Zvezdochka shipyard completed dismantling of the two Oscar-I nuclear submarines sponsored by the UK.

The specialists of the Zvezdochka shipyard in Severodvinsk have completed dismantling of the two Oscar-I nuclear submarines, project 949, K-206 Murmansk and K-525 Arkhangelsk. The German company RWE NUKEM, operator of the project, confirmed the completion of the project which was financed by the Great Britain, which allocated $15 m total for the project. The empty reactor compartments have been already shipped to the temporary storage facility in Sayda Bay on the Kola Peninsula. Sevmash started dismantling of these submarines one year ago, Interfax reported on January 19.

The Design Bureau Rubin in St Petersburg developed the Oscar-I class submarines. Originally, it was planned to build 20 nuclear submarines of this type, but in reality only two were constructed as an upgraded 949A project was developed instead.

The two submarines, K-525 and K-206, were both assigned to the Northern Fleet and having their home base in Bolshaya Lopatka, Zapadnaya Litsa Bay on the Kola Peninsula. K-525 was commissioned in 1980, and K-206 in 1981. Both submarines had been waiting for dismantling from 1998 till January 2004 in Severodvinsk.