20 submarine reactor compartments to be shipped for storage by August

By 2007, 120 reactor compartments should be placed in the on-shore storage facility in Sayda bay. Shipyard Nerpa’s specialists prepare the empty reactor compartments for the shipment and further storage, i.e. they secure that the reactor compartments are hermetic and floatable. The Pallada dock will ship these compartments to the Sayda bay. It is expected that 20 reactor compartments will be already shipped by August. The German specialists from Energiewerke Nord company are monitoring the schedule and the quality of works, Interfax reported.

Pallada dock, which was used for Kursk submarine shipment to the Nerpa shipyard, is the main part in the Russian-German deal, which is aimed at cleaning up the contaminated Sayda Bay and providing, over the course of the next six years, a temporary onshore reactor compartment storage facility. The ˆ300m expenditure is seen by Germany as part of its obligation to the framework of the “10 plus 10 over 10” plan agreed upon by the Group of Eight industrialised nations, or G-8, in 2002 at the group’s summit in Kananaskis, Canada.