Sea trials of Russian Delta-IV “Tula” postponed till spring 2005

Publish date: December 20, 2004

The sea trials were originally scheduled for November-December 2004, but the scarce funding led to the equipment supply delays, Interfax reported referring to the source at the Zvezdochka shipyard.

The shipyard’s representative, however, said they would follow the schedule in 2005. The upgrade of K-114 will allow the submarine to operate 10 years more. The project 667 Tula, Delta-IV, was built at the Sevmash plant in 1987 K-114 sub is one of the last Soviet built subs. Sevmash built it in 1987. Tulagot its name in 1995 together with the sponsorship from the city of Tula. Before Tula the shipyard has successfully repaired Verhoturye and Ekaterinburg, the subs of the same class. The same type Bryansk is in the plant’s dock at the moment, Interfax reported.