First nuclear submarine dismantled in the frames of Russian-Japanese project

Publish date: December 13, 2004

The first nuclear submarine of Victor-III class based in the Russian Far East has been dismantled.

The retired submarine was scrapped and its spent nuclear fuel was unloaded in the frames of Russian-Japanese project ”Star of Hope” at the navy shipyard ”Zvezda” in Bolshoy Kamen settlement, the chief of the shipyard’s decommissioning department Alexander Kiselev reported to ITAR-TASS in the beginning of November. The empty reactor compartment was shipped to the site of the DalRAO Company. The spent nuclear fuel was delivered to the Mayak reprocessing plant, and the scrapped metal was sold.

Last year Japan signed a co-operation agreement with Russia and pledged about $180m for nuclear weapon dismantling works. The project ”Star of Hope” stipulates dismantling of one nuclear submarine. According to Kiselev, the next project for scrapping five submarines is under consideration now. 46 retired nuclear submarines are waiting for dismantling at the Russian Far East now, ITAR-TASS reported.