G8 to build new bridge for nuclear train in Severodvinsk

Yagrinsky Bridge in Severodvinsk connecting Zvezdochka plant engaged in nuclear submarine dismantling, with the ”continent”. The bridge was built 50 years ago and was not originally designed to sustain 160 tonnes trains loaded with spent nuclear fuel. The new project includes construction of the new railway bridge and reconstruction of the old one, which is to become 3 meters wider for the traffic. The price tag for the whole project is about $15m. The project has to pass the final expert authority in Moscow for approval. Zvezdochka plant is hoping to get financing from the state budget and some part from the Northern Dimension fund operating in the frames of Global Partnership program. However, the media sources reported that the state budget had no money for the bridge repairs. The construction is scheduled to start next year and finish by 2007, Dvina-Inform reports.