Nuclear sub Victor-III “Perm” to be repaired this year

Russian MP colonel-general Yury Rodionov confirmed this information. Victor-III Perm (former K-292) project no.671RTM was due to undergo repairs already last year as the Russian Defence Ministry allocated money for the first stage of the works, but then the funds were used for the broken engine of an active submarine, which suddenly needed the service. Perm can be back in service in 2005-2006 if the repair works start soon.

The sub has been waiting for the repairs since 1996. For example, its battery should be completely changed. Earlier shipyard Nerpa demanded $2.8m, but the Defence Ministry could not afford it, so the sub was about to be scrapped then. Luckily, Perm city administration established a patronage program to take care of the submarine by collecting funds, food, cigarettes, clothes, TV, a bus etc. for the needs of the Perm’s submariners.