NF decomm: Shipyard No. 85 – Nerpa

Publish date: February 7, 2003

Shipyard No. 85 Nerpa is situated in the innermost part of Olenya Bay. Today, it falls under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy. The town of Snezhnogorsk, also known as Vyuzhny or Murmansk-60, is located approximately five kilometres south-west of Nerpa.

Nerpa shipyard’s principle task is the service and repair of second-generation nuclear submarines. Nerpa has one dry dock and one floating dock. It also has a set of equipment for transferring spent fuel to Project 2020 — Malina class ships. One of the Malina class ships, PM-12, is regularly stationed at Nerpa.

K-no. (Factory no.) Project/Class Laid-up/repair period until decommissioning Date of reactor compartment transfer to Sayda Bay
K-481 (N615) 671 — Victor-I 1994 — 1995 16/08 1995
K-479 (N903) 670M — Charlie-II 1995 — 1996 26/06 1996
K-450 (N312) 667B — Delta-I 1994 —1997 21/11 1997
K-465 (N326) 667B — Delta-I 1995 — 1998 15/09 1999
K-460 (N337) 667B — Delta-I 1998 — 1999 15/01 2000
K-421 (N354) 667BD — Delta-II 1998 — 1999 15/01 2000
K-92 (N342) 667BD — Delta-II 1999 — 2000 31/08 2000
K-182 (N341) 667BD — Delta-II 1999 — 2000
K-467 (N803) 671RT — Victor-II 1992 — 2000
Table 8. Submarines decommissioned at Nerpa shipyard

The Nerpa shipyard also dismantles second generation nuclear submarines. Per date Nerpa has decommissioned nine submarines, including five submarines funded by CTR.

A new land based dry dock has been under construction at Nerpa since 1994. The dock was to be equipped with machinery manufactured in the United States and paid by CTR, including a Hughes Aircraft Systems International plasma torch for cutting tempered steel hull plates, which was commissioned in May, 1997. However, the land-based dry dock is unlikely to be completed in the near future as CTR has abandoned Nerpa and will now focus primarily on the Severodvinsk shipyards.