Publish date: February 14, 2003

The naval installation at Gadzhievo consists of a base point in Olenaya Bay and the settlemnet Skalisty.

The Olenaya bay base point was put in use in 1956 as a base for diesel-powered submarines. Nuclear-powered submarines have been stationed here since 1963

At present, submarines of Delta-IV class, Delta-III class and Yankee class are based here. Recently a new facility for removing spent nuclear fuel was built at the base and there are at least four laid-up submarines at this base point.

Olenaya bay has its own radiation safety service with floating containers for liquid radioactive waste at its disposal. In addition, 200m³ of liquid radioactive waste and 2,037m³ of solid radioactive waste are stored in other facilities.

Olenaya bay has a facility for removing spent nuclear fuel from submarines. The service ships PM-12, PM-50, PM-78 and PM-128 are often based here in accordance with this work.