32 nuclear subs to remain in service

Publish date: May 24, 2000

Russian navy say 32 nuclear powered submarines can provide enough security.

The Russian Navy HQ believes 12 strategic nuclear submarines, 20 general-purpose nuclear submarines, 35 diesel submarines, and around 70 surface vessels would be enough to ensure country’s security in the XXI century. 183 nuclear powered submarines are currently being pulled out of service in the Northern Fleet and the Pacific Fleet.

According to media reports, a confidential presidential decree that formed the goals of the Russian Navy was issued on March 4. The decree stipulates the main features of the state policy towards navy for the period until 2010.

Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, chief of the Russian Navy General HQ, said that Russia should possess powerful navy potential in the XXI century in order to provide defence and security. The priorities of navy’s development should be nuclear strategic submarines and general-purpose submarines as well as unified vessels.

The Admiral emphasised that the navy budget must get 25 per cent of the Russian defence budget in order to achieve these goals. The current share of the navy’s budget is around 11-12 per cent.

Russian navy currently operates 26 strategic nuclear submarines, 50 general-purpose submarines, 80 diesel submarines, and about 100 surface vessels.