Fuel shipment schedules still unclear: More subs pulled out of service

Only three shipments of maritime spent fuel to Mayak plant for reprocessing has been performed so far this year. The first train left Murmansk on January 30, carrying spent fuel from atomic ice breakers and nuclear-powered submarines. The second spent fuel shipment was performed from Severodvinsk in Arkhangel’sk County in early April. The last one arrived to Mayak from the Pacific Fleet in August this year.

Severodvinsk fuel transfer loading point receives status of "permanent"
Last year, September 25, Severodvinsk City Council appealed to the administration of Arkhangel’sk County, the Arkhangel’sk County Deputies’ Council, the Defence Ministry, and the Economy Ministry to place funding of spent fuel transfer loading point as a separate line item into the federal budget. The money would go to repair Malina-class service ship PM-63, fuel loading facilities etc. Finally the City Council suggested the fuel transfer point in Severodvinsk to receive a status of "permanent." Such status would not require obtaining of a licence for each single fuel shipment. So far, eight trains laden with spent fuel left Severodvinsk since 1992. The status has been granted in September this year.

Next shipment is planned to be performed by the end of 1998, given available funding for this operation.

More subs pulled out of service
Two Delta-I class nuclear-powered submarines have arrived to Severodvinsk the past months to be scrapped: K-472 and K-475 commissioned in 1975. The latter will be stationed untouched until March next year, when a "retirement" ceremony will take place.